Monday, March 27, 2006

Query This

After getting engergized at the book festival, I spent several hours this evening preparing query letters. Writing the letters took about 4 hours, and getting the other parts of the submissions together is still happening as I write. Hurry up printer!

I sent 10 email submissions (after seeing that the agents would accept them). I made sure to turn off my signature and put QUERY in the subject line so hopefully I wouldn't get spaminated. Believe it or not, only minutes after sending one query, I got a response! An agent (I'm not using any names to protect my career) emailed me back a very nice letter asking to see a synopsis and the first three chapters! I was very encouraged by this turn of events. At least my query letter was panning out.

I also received my first rejection - yet suprised that it again was only minutes after I emailed the query. I'm sure it's some form of form letter response, but I print it here because it was so consoling.

Thank you very much for your query. I truly respect the time and effort that you have put into your project, which is why I regret to tell you that it just doesn't feel right for my list. I read every query that is sent to me via e-mail and consider each one carefully, and because the volume of these queries is just so huge I am forced to be extremely selective about what I ask to see.

Thank you so much for thinking of me and very best wishes to you as you continue your writing career.

All best wishes,

Agent J

Now that's a good rejection letter!

I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow to mail about 14 other submissions to agents who prefer snail mail. I'll keep you informed.

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