Monday, April 03, 2006

Rejection by Mail

Oooooh. A mail rejection letter of my very own. I will love it and squeeze it and . . . Dude, this sucks.

I didn't even rate a LETTER! I get my SASE back with a 2x4 card inside that says

Dear Author: (Well, at least I rate being called an author)
Thank you for allowing us to consider your project. On the basis of your description, we do not think that your book will be for us.
We wish you success in your work.
Yours sincerely
(oh, they're SINCERE about rejection)
Agent JR

Um, I've got to say that perhaps its best not to have an agent that clearly can't write a decent rejection letter. "We do not think that your book will be for us"? WTF? Grammar, people, look into it. What is this, the third grade?

Yep, I'm getting bitter. :)

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At 4:19 PM, Anonymous greywulf said...

Think of it this way:

Rejection is nature's way to letting you know you're better than they are :)

Keep going, you'll get there.


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