Thursday, April 20, 2006

Update on NY Literary Agency

Well, I responded in a most formal manner, very professional, asking if they could answer a few questions for me. I used a list that the AAR suggested a writer ask an agent, but modified it to apply to me.

I got a response today, which I won't include all of, but here's the gist.

We have seen these questions before and realize that you are 'copying and pasting' the questions to me. Here they are with my copy and paste answers.
There's no "Hello, Carmen. Thank you for your questions." Nothing civilized. Just a snippy response. Obviously, I wouldn't want to be treated that way by an agent that would be representing my work. Not only that, but they answered questions that I didn't ask. The one I asked that they didn't answer was "can you tell me the titles of books you've published in my genre?" Can you say sham? And I'm so frustrated that I was taken in.

I will be nice, however, and respond with a no thank you. Kill them with kindness.


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